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Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind Movie Download In Hd

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646f9e108c An anime OVA based on the Street Fighter IV Video game.
Every Street Fighter anime that has come out after Street Fighter 2: the Movie has been such a disappointment to me that I sincerely hope they just don't keep making them anymore. It has been remarked that the animation itself was obviously rushed to coincide with the game's release, as was the story, but what I find most disappointing about it is *SPOILER WARNING* that this is a Street Fighter anime with no actual fights in it. Yes, you read that right: there are no fights here. What there is, is two beatings. First the new character, Crimson Viper, gives Cammy a horrible beating. Then the villain, Seth, gives Ryu a horrible beating until Ryu throws *one* Hadouken at him, and defeats him. That's it. Unless you count Sakura and Chun Li kicking some random thugs, that's all the action this anime has. Also, of the new characters, only Viper appears in the anime, unless you count the two seconds where Abel shows up at the end. Rufus and El Fuerte are nowhere to be seen. This thing might as well be called "The Crimson Viper Show", and I find her extremely unlikeable, to boot. Don't waste your time and look for an anime with some actual action, instead.
This movie was 105 min of my Life I&quot;ll never get back. The Over compensating Story Line takes a way from a Movie with the title called &quot;Street Fighter&quot;. I thought this movie lacked good fighting scenes, Failed on implementing special Moves for the characters and try to make a world in Peril out of special Fighting skills… this movie dragged and Just Just…. JUST DISAPPOINTED ! ! ! !<br/><br/>Compared to the Street Fighter 2 (Sutorîto Faitâ II gekijô-ban(1995) ) movie which I Loved, the animation in this Movie was a step down. It had a Horrible Cute Cartoon network type anime Look which took Away from the gritty fighting scenes that they did manage to slip into the Movie. <br/><br/>SPOILER*** Kinda****….Surprisingly KEN MASTERS goes the Entire movie without throwing his signature Upcut ? Guile goes Through the Movie throwing one sonic boom and no Flash Kick ? Chung Li throws a punch and kick here and there ? Cammy …ummmm gets owned ? I mean with the Slew of characters And signature moves you&#39;d think a Street Fighter movie would be enjoyable to the fans and game go&#39;ers… apparently I was mistaken ! <br/><br/>Just to Give fellow movie Watchers a heads up Cause I know whether I trash this Movie or not street Fighter fans will Watch it regaurdless lol….Its an 105 min long…. The Movie didn&#39;t have Action or at least a decent fight scene till 55 min into the Movie….BORING to say the Least !

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